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Hog Deer

Status, Distribution and Conservation threat of Hog deer: A case study from Koshi Tapu Wildlife Reserve

The Hog deer (Axis porcinus) is an endangered species (EN) which prefers grasslands and flood plains than any other habitat found in Koshi Tappu wildlife Reserve (KTWR) in eastern Nepal. The status of the species remains unknown in KTWR. Interestingly, the population is decreasing even though there are no big carnivores such as Tigers or Leopards in that area. Therefore, the main goal is to identify the threats and to determine the status, abundance and distribution pattern of the hog deer within the study area. It´s important to understand the ecology of the hog deer and to outline management practices in order to ensure the long term survival in its natural habitat.

Project Fact Sheet



Hog deer (Axis porcinus)




Possibly subsistence hunting, invasive plant species, fragmentation of habitat, flooding and landslide


Project aim


Quantify and determine the threats, estimate the population density and distribution