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Thank you for visiting the funding section of our website!

The aim of Stiftung Artenschutz is the conservation of highly threatened animal species, especially those that have been lacking resources and interest, as well as the protection and restoration of their habitats.

Our two funding schemes include a special grant for the conservation of amphibians, the "Amphibian Conservation Fund", and a Small Grants Programme open for all animal species and conservation activities.

Call for applications 2024 in open!

Please submit your proposals until July 31, 2024.


Quick facts!

Which activities and costs are eligible for funding?

Activities eligible for funding, e.g.:

  • Direct conservation measures
  • Nature and species conservation management
  • Habitat protection measures
  • Scientific research with direct conservation relevance
  • Local capacity building, education components and public awareness activities in relation to the aforementioned activities
  • Monitoring and evaluation within the project’s context

Costs eligible for funding:

All costs which are directly related to the implementation of the project (equipment, transportation, staff costs etc.) are eligible for funding. Project core costs (running personnel costs, office costs, overheads etc.) must be appropriate in comparison to the total project costs.

Not eligible for funding:

  • Projects for that the financial contribution of this Small Grant is negligible in respect to the project’s conservation relevance
  • Projects in the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia
  • Projects where a negative effect on the local or indigenous communities are likely

Does Stiftung Artenschutz consider grants for all species?

Generally, the targeted species of our grants are threatened species of the categories Critically Endangered, Endangered und Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List. Other categories are acceptable if there is a demonstrable reason for concern or if surveys are necessary to clarify the conservation status of Data Deficient or Not Evaluated species.

Who can apply for a grant?

Anyone can apply for a grant. Applications should the submitted in German or English language.


What is the maximum funding amount of a grant?

The requested funding amount should not exceed 5.000 EUR. The decision committee reserves the right to approve proportional funding.


How long is the grant period?

Project duration should not exceed 12 months. Thus, funding has to be spent within 12 months from the planned project start. Exceptions should be requested before the application is sent and may be granted in specific cases.

What is the deadline for submitting applications?

The Deadline for the Call 2024 is the 31 of July 2024.

Who selects grants recepients and when will I be notified?

  • A group of independent reviewers will evaluate submitted applications
  • A decision-making committee will select grant recipients by the end of October
  • Grant recipients will then be notified, sign a funding contract and receive funds approximately by the end of the year.

Can I submit multiple applications for different species / different projects?

Yes, multiple applications are permitted.