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Sulawesi Shrimps

Safeguarding Critically Endangered Atyids Shrimps in The Ancient Lake of Matano (Sulawesi, Indonesia)

The Lake Malili system with Lake Matano harbours numerous endemic species, including “critically endangered” freshwater shrimps (atyids). The flowerhorn cichlid introduced into the lake (a cichlid breed) is a highly invasive species that poses a major threat. The number of invertebrates in the lake is greatly reduced by the flowerhorn, and the loss of these invertebrates causes algae to proliferate with a negative impact on the entire ecosystem.

The project aims to gather comprehensive information on the remaining shrimp's existence, distribution and habitat. It involves local youth and students to get them on board as future conservationists.
The main objective is to safeguard the endemic species in Lake Matano through in-situ and ex-situ conservation measures as a first step towards the long-term conservation of freshwater species despite the unstoppable threat posed by the flowerhorn.

Project Fact Sheet



Sulawesi Cardinal Shrimp (Caridina dennerli), Mini Blue Bee Shrimp (Caridina loehae),  Matano Tiger (Caridina holthuisi), Caridina masapi, Caridina lanceolata, Caridina parvula




Invasive species, lowered water level, algal bloom and sedimentation


Project aim


Obtaining a throughout information regarding the existence, population distribution and habitat condition of the shrimps