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Golden Bamboo Lemur

Community commitment to the protection of lemur populations and their habitats

In the forests of the municipality of Ambohimahamasina in central Madagascar, the endangered golden bamboo lemur (Hapalemur aureus) is subject to particularly strong hunting pressure. Its meat is not only popular with the local inhabitants, but is also widely consumed in larger settlements and along the three main roads. In contrast to other lemur species, the golden bamboo lemur is less shy of humans and therefore particularly easy to catch. This is particularly the case in the dry season between October and December, when the animals are easier to spot and there is generally less food available in the region. In addition to hunting, the destruction of forests for rice cultivation poses another significant threat.

The Stiftung Artenschutz is supporting a 13-strong Malagasy project team that has set itself the goal of ensuring the long-term protection of lemurs and their forest habitats in the region. The planned measures are based on a multi-layered approach - from population surveys with the help of local lemur guards, to a broad awareness-raising and education campaign, to the establishment of several tree nurseries and the restoration of natural habitats.

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Golden bamboo lemur (Hapalemur aureus




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Long-term protection of lemurs in the community of Ambohimahamasina