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Mantella Frogs



Buntfrösche (Mantella viridis, Mantella expectata)


Verlust des Lebensraums


Fortlaufender Betrieb der Zuchtstation zum Aufbau einer Reservepopulation. Begleitende Ausbildung des Personals.


Establishing a captive insurance population for highly endangered frog species  in western Madagascar

The Blue-legged mantella (Mantella expectata) and the Green golden frog (Mantfella viridis) are Endangered species on the IUCN Red List are endemic to Madagascar. Due to ongoing habitat loss the populations of both species are deliningacross their home range.

In 2021, an amphibian captive breeding center has been opened in the western part of Madagascar thanks to a previous grant by Stiftung Artenschutz. The goal of this center is to contribute to the conservation of  Mantella expectata, and M. viridis.

Before collecting the founder animals, biological, ecological and behavioral studies are  carried out in the wild to be able to replicate the conditions animals need to thrive. One of the crucial activities is insect rearing for food provision, hence the project aims to build more capacity here.

The long-term goal of the project is to establish a sustainable breeding colony, alongside with conducting in situ habitat protection measures, so that reintroductions are possible in the future.