Conraua derooi Missahohe

Togo Slippery Frog

An update on the Conservation status of Conraua derooi populations in Togo

The Togo Slippery Frog (Conraua derooi) is only found in the hills of Togo, where it lives mainly in torrents. Initially, this species was only recorded in Missahohé, but has also been discovered in Yikpa-Dzigbe. These fragemented areas are heavily exploited for agriculture (coffee and cocoa) and timber production, leading to severe degradation of natural habitats. Additionally, surveys of local communities indicate that these frogs are exploited for local consumption and for sale. Due to the remaining small populations that only occur in two small forests, the Togo Slippery Frog has been classified as critical endangered by the IUCN.

In 2015, Stiftung Artenschutz already supported a study to survey the population of this species. This project aims to update the conservation status through research and community involvement, with the goal of developing a management plan for the two forests, where Togo Slippery  Frog can be found.

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Togo Slippery Frog (Conraua derooi)




Degradation of natural habitats, consumption


Project aim


Conservation status update, rdevelopment of management plan