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Rostand’s Paa Frog

Ensuring safe breeding grounds for the globally threatened Rostand’s Paa Frog in western Nepal

Rostand’s Paa Frog (Nanorana rostandi) faces severe threats like habitat loss and population decline due to excessive hunting for food and traditional medicinal values. Listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List, immediate conservation action is crucial. This project in western Nepal aims to close gaps in knowledge about the ecology to fill ecological knowledge gaps and engage local communities in conservation efforts. As part of the population studies, the breeding ecology is to be assessed and critical breeding areas protected. Since amphibian conservation is not a high priority in Nepal and receives little attention, awareness programs are used to bring together stakeholders. By building local capacity, a foundation is to be established for the long-term conservation of amphibians in Nepal.

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Rostand’s Paa Frog(Nanorana rostandi)


Habitat loss and population decline due to excessive hunting

Project aim

Population studies, breeding ecology assessment, awareness programs capacity building