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Restinga Toadlet

Restinga Toadlet Resilience Program - The Restinga Toadlet as a symbol of the conservation of Brazil

The Restinga Toadlet (Melanophryniscus setiba) is particularly vulnerable due to its small size (adults smaller than 20mm) and is currently known to exist only in a single location, the Restinga of Setiba – an endangered coastal dune habitat in Brasil. Listed as critically endangered on the IUCN Red List, it is situated within the Paulo César Vinha State Park in Espírito Santo. Primary threats include habitat loss and escalating wildfires.

This project aims to conduct comprehensive research on population status and habitat preferences while initiating conservation efforts and educational programs to counter the wildfire threat. The overall goal of this project is to secure the long-term survival and recovery of the Restinga Toadlet (Melanophryniscus setiba) by addressing key threats and implementing strategic conservation measures by actively involving local communities.

Project information


Restinga Toadlet (Melanophryniscus setiba)


Habitat loss and escalating wildfires

Project aim

Addressing key threats and implementing strategic conservation measures