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Mau Son Spiny Frog

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Mau Son Spiny Frog (Quasipaa acanthophora)




Habitat degradation and over-harvesting


Project aim


Population study, strengthening monitoring capacity




Population assessment and conservation needs to safeguard the endangered Mau Son Spiny Frog (Quasipaa acanthophora) in Vietnam

The Mau Son Spiny Frog (Quasipaa acanthophora), described in 2009 from Mau Son Mountain, Vietnam, is at risk of extinction due to habitat degradation and over-harvesting. Due to the large body size and good quality of the frog meat, this species is called "Ếch hương" (flavoured frog) by the locals and is a popular speciality in the tourist areas. Despite being listed as Vulnerable (VU) on the IUCN Red List and recently assessed as Endangered (EN) in Vietnam’s Red Data Book, conservation efforts have been hampered by a lack of science-based information on population status and ecological requirements.

This project aims to fill these knowledge gaps, evaluating the population status, distribution, micro-habitat characteristics, trophic composition, and anthropogenic threats to Quasipaa acanthophora. By involving local forest rangers in fieldwork activities, the project also seeks to strengthen monitoring capacity as a foundation for effective conservation of of this endangered species.