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Javan Warty Pig

Tacking human-wildlife conflicts: Finding effective methods to protect crops from Javan warty pigs

The Javan warty pig (Sus verrucosus) is endemic to the island of Java, Indonesia. Despite being categorized as Endangered by the IUCN Red List, the JWP is unprotected by Indonesian law. Research conducted over the last two decades indicates that this species is undergoing rapid decline, primarily due to habitat loss and hunting to solve crop raiding damage or as a hobby. Because the natural habitat gets more and more encroached by humans, the animals start foraging in agricultural areas. Here they feed on agriculture crops (e.g. rice, corn, beans) that are planted by the local communities – the subsequent loss of income considerable affect the livelihoods of the farmers. Currently the hunt and killing of animals is the only used method for crop protection. To protect the endangered pigs, alternative, non-lethal methods should be explored and implemented effectively.

Project aims:

Developing and implementing effective protection measures for agriculture crops as an alternative to hunting of Java warty pigs

By doing so, decreasing the human-wildlife conflicts between the local communities and the endangered Javan warty pigs

Planned activities:

Interviews with local farmers to gain information about the location and extent of crop damage, number of cases per month, financial loss, methods used for protecting crops from pigs

Experimental testing of at least three alternative methods to protect crops (3 months duration each with two treatment and one control plots each method)

Use of camera traps to identify the full range of crop raiders that may be responsible for crop damage

Handbook for farmers that describe the successful methods for crop protection and how to implement them

Results of the activities will – amongst others - be shared with the IUCN SSC Wild Pig Specialist Group (e.g. publication in their Newsletter “Suiform Soundings

Project information

Javan warty pig (Sus verrucosus)

Location: Java, Indonesia

Implementierenting partner: Javan Species Recovery Program (JaSpeR)

Duration:  Dezember 2020 - Juni 2022